Megjelent Farkas Attila tudományos munkatárs „Theory of Art and the Border of the Work of Art

2017. február. 28.

In this study I deal with the spatial boundaries of the work of art, specifically, the spatial boundaries of the sculpture. Determining the spatial border of a sculpture can be a theory of art problem. In order to answer the question first I give a brief general description of theory of art, then I get on to the examination of the philosophical theory of art with particular regard to the relation of  aesthetics and philosophy of art; thereafter I try to designate the boundaries of a sculpture by using the results of the analytical philosophy of art (Arthur C. Danto) and the hermeneutical philosophy of art (Hans-Georg Gadamer), and in doing so a rhetorical procedure, the analysis of citation will give me a hand. The study in this way on the one hand is connected to those efforts that help approaching the analytical and continental philosophy, on the other hand to those that  reveal similarity in the operation of the fine arts and the literature.

A „Theory of Art and the Border of the Work of Art" című tanulmány Farkas Attila, F. Orosz Sára, Varga Erika (szerk.): Communication in the Contemporary Space kötetben jelent meg. (Szent István Egyetem Kiadó, Gödöllő, 2017)

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