Megjelent Farkas Attila tudományos munkatárs „Painted and suspended philosophy: René Magritte's Hegel's Holiday" című tanulmánya a Farkas Attila, F. Orosz Sára, Rudnák Ildikó (szerk.): The Possibilities of Understanding. Studies from the (Border) Areas of

2016. július. 31.

In my study I examine the possible interpretation of the Hegel-painting made by Rene Magritte (1898-1967) Belgian surrealist artist, by comparing the painting and some aspects of Hegel's philosophy. As introduction I shortly describe surrealism, then point out that which component of the surrealist artistic method is used by Magritte's painting; after this analyse the metaphysics of the painting in Hegel's point of view. During this I try to be seen how the painting is trying to illustrate the Hegelian dialectic and at the same time suspend it, but not abolish it.

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