The role of parents in art education is examined

2022. April. 19.

The role of the parent in art education has been researched since the autumn of 2021 by the art pedagogy research group of the Doctoral School of Humanities of the University of Debrecen. Data collection is still ongoing, and the results of the research will be published in volume form in the summer.


On March 7, pianist Judit Váradi, associate professor at the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen, presented the results of her previous research to MMA MMKI researchers at Hild Villa. As she said, in addition to family social and cultural capital in the early stages of children’s development, the quality of parental support is also a decisive factor. Previous research has confirmed that music learning is influenced by the parent’s previous musical studies and qualifications. The special situation of music education is also shown by the fact that in addition to the individual motivation of the child, starting the children’s musical studies also includes the parents’ cultural needs. Research on teachers found different experiences with the role of the parent. He added that current research examines the situation of music education, experiences of attendance and online education from a parent’s perspective.


In 2018, the art pedagogy research group of MMA MMKI and the Doctoral School of Humanities of the University of Debrecen established a collaboration. As a result of the partnership, three pieces of research were carried out along with the current one. In the first research, the faculty of music of the University of Debrecen, the Foundation for the Art of the Future, the Doctoral School of Humanities of the University of Debrecen and the Hungarian Academy of Arts examined the artistic activities of primary school students apart from compulsory classes and the possibilities of participating in art events. The members of the research group focused on whether children have access to art subjects in compulsory education, what opportunities they have for extracurricular school and extracurricular arts activities, and how much they take advantage of such opportunities.


The research analysed participation in arts events and factors influencing the cultural attitudes and tastes of primary school students in five dimensions. The target group of the study was lower and upper secondary school, 4th and 6th grade primary school students in the Northern Great Plain region, their parents, teachers of compulsory arts at school, heads of institutions and cultural service providers. The sample of the research is also representative according to the places of performance of the tasks, the type of settlement, the type of maintainer and the proportion of primary art education institutions (AMI) in each county. The results of the research were published in the volume of the Art Overview, Research on the Situation and Opportunities of Art Education, On-Class and Extracurricular Art Activities and Events in 2020 in the form of a volume of art. The study volume is a joint work of 18 authors, and this book presentation is available on the MMA MMKI YouTube channel.


As a continuation of collaboration, the research group launched a new research in 2020 that examines the experience and impact of online arts education at all levels of education in Hungary as well as in cross-border Hungarian education. Experts searched answers to how online education has changed the methodological toolbox, what new, innovative ideas, or learning-enhancing initiatives have emerged. In the virtual world, new opportunities have opened up, and in addition to innovative solutions for teaching and learning, the coverage of artistic events has multiplied. The research focused on the effects of Covid19 on classical music concerts. New forms of cultural consumption and its convenience have raised the question of whether concert halls will still be needed in the future, whether the audience will take the extra time and effort to be able to attend a music-art event in person.


A study summarizing the experiences of music teachers and educators, The Emergence of Online Space in Music Education and Concert Attendance, will be published by MMA MMKI, while the results of The Parent’s Role in Art Education will be available in the summer.

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