The Culture Shock podcast is now available in English

2022. December. 19.

The English website of the research institute has been launched, and its first podcasts in foreign languages ​​have also been completed, in which Anna Mária Bólya, MMA MMKI research associate, talks with internationally renowned ballet dancer Emese Bíró and Rodrigo Ballester, head of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium European Studies Workshop.

The website of the MMA MMKI was renewed last autumn, as a result all those who are interested in its content have easier and more transparent access to the articles of art and art theory. At the same time, we started the MMKI Kultúrsokk Podcast, the institute's regular "radio show", in which researchers present a variety of topics on music, literature, architecture, film, theatre and dance, and artwork are all available for the public to listen and follow. 

As part of the renewal process, the contents of the website will be available in English from 2022, thus the results of the latest scientific research related to the research institute will become even more known to the international professional public. Born as a word-for-word translation of the Hungarian Kultúrshokk, CulturShock's first English-language broadcast on May 20, called Pointe Shoes, thanks to Anna Mária Bólya and ballerina Emese Bíró, reveals, among other things, the parts of the pointe shoe and what extreme events were associated with it in the 19th century. The discussion is also available in Hungarian on the website of the research institute by clicking here.


In the second English-language broadcast of the podcast, the guest of our scientific colleague Anna Mária Bólya is none other than Rodrigo Ballester, head of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium European Studies Workshop, who is himself a music lover, opera, and Mozart fan. Mathias Corvinus Collegium offers high-quality education for all ages. As the leading talent management institution in the Carpathian Basin, it offers up-to-date knowledge within the framework of a multidisciplinary program that helps navigate the world. We can get to know the school personally at the MCC Fest, which is also discussed during the conversation.


The broadcasts can be followed on the MMA MMKI website, as well as on Google Podcasts, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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