Information on the handling of personal data

The Research Institute of Art Theory and Methodology of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, as the operator of the website (hereinafter: the Website), has the protection of the personal data provided by the visitors of the Website and the right of the visitors to information self-determination. The Research Institute of Art Theory and Methodology of the Hungarian Academy of Arts is committed to contributing to the creation of secure internet access for visitors in full compliance with the relevant legal regulations, thus treating visitors' personal data confidentially and in accordance with current legal regulations. technical and organizational measures and establish the procedural rules necessary to enforce legal provisions and data protection recommendations.

In the case of a request concerning data processing, we always provide detailed information on the personal data processed, the purpose, legal basis, duration of the data processing and the activities related to the data processing, in accordance with the request.

This prospectus summarizes the information about the Hungarian Academy of Arts Research Institute for Art Theory and Methodology as a data controller (hereinafter: data controller), the data processor (s) and informs you as a visitor about what personal data may be subject to data processing.


1. General Information

  • Name of data controller: Hungarian Academy of Arts Research Institute of Art Theory and Methodology
  • Contact of the data controller:
  • Representative of the data controller: dr. Csáji László Koppány, director


2. When you view the Website, we treat your information as follows

During the visit to the Website, a so-called session cookie is created in connection with its operation, which is destroyed by leaving the Website (closing the browser window). Therefore, based on session cookies, your personal information will not be stored or used.

The Data Controller uses Google LLC (1600 Amphitheater Parkway Mountain View CA 94043), which is part of the EU-U.S. Google Analytics web analytics service. Web analytics services also use cookies to help analyze the use of online interfaces. By expressly agreeing to the online interface, the visitor allows Google Analytics to transmit information about the use of the online interface generated by cookies to Google's servers in the United States. By providing a separate consent provided on the Website, the visitor consents to the collection and analysis of his or her data, which is otherwise anonymised.

The purpose of data collection is to analyze visitor habits, content visited and activities performed. In this case, too, the data is processed anonymously, ie the identity of the visitor does not become known to the data controller.

The visitor has the opportunity to register for the events organized by the data controller on the Website (hereinafter: “events”) online, in the framework of which he must provide his name, e-mail address and additional personal data indicated on the given form. Personal data is used in connection with the organization of events and the notification of visitors. The legal basis for data management is the consent given by the visitor's active registration. The data is stored by the data controller for two years after the event. The visitor may request that the personal data be deleted by the data controller, which request will be complied with by the data controller as soon as technically possible.

The visitor also has the opportunity to provide the data controller on the Website with his / her name, e-mail address and additional personal data indicated on the form published by the data controller in order for the data controller to notify about the programs organized by him in the future (hereinafter: "newsletter"). . The legal basis for the data management related to the newsletter is the consent given by the visitor's active registration. The data controller manages the visitor's personal data until the visitor withdraws his or her consent to the data processing on the interface provided by the data controller.


3. Persons involved in data management (data processors)

The personal data provided in connection with the events and the newsletter are basically handled by the data controller and the designated employee (s) of the MMA Secretariat.

The data controller uses a data processor to operate the Website. Name of the data processor: Somogy Design Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság, registered office: 7400 Kaposvár, Hunyadi utca 72., contact: /

Upon request and obligation of the competent authority, the controller may transfer personal data to those competent authorities.


4. Data security

The data controller shall take all reasonably foreseeable measures to ensure that the personal data of visitors is protected. To this end, it shall take technical and organizational measures and establish rules of procedure to ensure the protection of data, their destruction, alteration and unauthorized use or other unauthorized operations. As part of this, access to computers that store personal information uses a password-protected and appropriate antivirus.

5. Your rights regarding data management

You have the right to receive feedback on your data processing as to whether we are processing your personal data, and if you are in the process of doing so, you have the right to access your personal data, the purpose, time and transfer of the data. We will provide this information upon request.

You may also request that your personal information be corrected, modified, restricted or deleted. In addition to the above, you have the right to object to the processing of your data, unless the processing of your personal data is required by law. The data controller also ensures the portability of your personal data.

Please send your request regarding the above to the e-mail address

You may submit a complaint to the competent authority regarding the processing of your personal data. Contact details of the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority: and 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22 / C.

Name of the Data Protection Officer: Jaczkovics Law Office; contact information: H-1241 Budapest, Post Office 52;

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