Music creates images in my head, which I express in dance - An interview with Nichika Shibata, the lead dancer in Bolero at the closing ceremony of the 10th Theatre Olympics

A promising young ballerina from Japan, she comes from a family of true art lovers and has a passion for […]

The 2019-2022 class of the MMA Art Scholarship Program bid farewell at the closing ceremony in the Hild Villa

On August 31, the closing ceremony of the 2019-2022 Art Scholarship Program of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA) was […]

Returning to our roots - Interview with Katalin Benedekffy

In September, Katalin Benedekffy is looking forward to welcoming operetta fans again with a Lehár gala evening. The one-and-a-half-hour production […]

What makes the Bulgarian rhythm "lame"? – Interview with Anna Mária Bólya

Our scientific colleague Anna Mária Bólya is a researcher with a PhD in ethnography and cultural anthropology, music theory teacher, […]

Art in the online space

Can an artificial intelligence copy our style in the future? What laws can we use to protect our original works […]

The 10 most popular publications of the research institute for e-book readers

The electronic publications of the Institute of Art Theory and Methodology of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA MMKI) can […]

From the Urals to the Carpathians – faces, lives, and destinies through the lens of Mátyás Szöllősi

A volume of selected and new poems by writer and photojournalist Mátyás Szöllősi will be published in autumn. In addition […]

The Culture Shock podcast is now available in English

The English website of the research institute has been launched, and its first podcasts in foreign languages ​​have also been […]

Miklós Kocsis’s book titled Higher education autonomy in the system of cultural rights – a Hungarian perspective was presented

On June 29, the Hungarian Academy of Arts Research Institute of Art Theory and Methodology organized a presentation for its […]

László Koppány Csáji was appointed acting director of the MMA MMKI

Based on the decision of Hungarian Academy of Arts, the writer, cultural anthropologist and lawyer László Koppány Csáji will assume […]

The contemporary literary lexicon was presented at ELTE

At the end of February, Literary Magazine organized a conference entitled Literature and Science at ELTE, in which Márton Falusi, […]

The role of parents in art education is examined

The role of the parent in art education has been researched since the autumn of 2021 by the art pedagogy […]

Production of Attila Bartis’ movie begins this fall

The author Attila Bartis, who has been awarded with Attila József Prize, the Knight's Cross and the Laurel Wreath, is […]

Győző Vörös ancient researcher received the Széchenyi Prize

On the occasion of March 15, the Kossuth and Széchenyi awards, the Hungarian Order of Merit, the Hungarian Golden Cross […]
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