Welcome to the website of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (HAA) Research Institute of Art Theory and Methodology (RIATM). It is a well-known goal of HAA to operate an institute of art theory and methodology to ensure continuous scientific research of the social relevance and theoretical context of art. You will find detailed information about the activities, research results, ongoing work and future plans of the RIATM on our website.

dr. habil. Miklós Kocsis


About the Institute

The HAA Research Institute of Art Theory and Methodology started to operate as of the beginning of 2015 based on the decision of the Assembly of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

According to its own goals and self-determination, the Institute intends to research the theoretical and practical tools of Hungarian artistic life by applying methods of social sciences and also to research the social impact of these tools through critical considerations and the examination of the institutions of art. Accordingly, the Institute focuses on the internal and external research of art and art theory (creation, unique nature and acceptance of works, the impact thereof, etc.), namely on the relationship of art to certain subsystems of society.